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Typical Session 22nd January 2019
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Typical Treatment Session

Your first Reflexology treatment will include a consultation so that the Reflexologist can understand your medical history, any presenting conditions that you may have, and check to see if you are taking any medication.

The initial reflexology consultation is also an opportunity for you to raise any questions or concerns that you may have about the treatment session.

This is followed by the treatment session itself which will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Each session will begin with a warm up massage for the feet, followed by 'thumb-walking' across each reflex point and lastly, a warm down foot massage.

The reflexologist can tailor a course of treatment to meet your needs but typically will suggest a course of about 6 weekly treatments to alleviate a specific condition.

If you do not have a particular condition and you are simply looking for an enjoyable, relaxing way to maintain good general health and well being, then regular monthly treatments are recommended. 07904 386880

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